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Trip around England and Scotland

I had multiple opportunities of visiting England so far. But I usually only went to London for business or leisure trips. Many years ago I spent a lovely extended weekend in Wales. Also saw a few cities and places south of London. Therefore I always had the big plan to do a long roundtrip around England and Рif time permits Рalso visit Scotland for the first time. In June 2015 I finally got the chance to do this. Spent about four to five weeks travelling around the big island.

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Trip to Vietnam and Cambodia

End of March / beginning of April I finally managed to do a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. The main objective was to see the amazing ruins of Angkor around the Cambodian city of Siem Reap. Vietnam was the additional cream on top of the waffles. Combining both in a two week trip was a very good idea. Both countries have a fascinating – but also brutal – past and hopefully a much brighter future with less conflicts.

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Trip around the western coast of Europe

I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries – either as a tourist or related to work. But there still were a lot of white spots in the more immediate neighborhood of Central Europe which I never visited before. So the idea came up to load my car and do a trip along the entire western coast of Europe. The starting point was the Netherlands. Afterwards I went all the way down the coast of Northern France, Northern Spain to Portugal. From there in a zig-zag route through Southern Spain and Southern France until I left the coastal regions in Perpignan.

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